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Having spent most of her career in professional services firms, Ali is keenly aware of the culture and complexities within partnerships. The practical challenges for a firm to transform and prepare for the future of work are significant. If not implemented correctly the consequences can be dire.

In a fight for talent, all the rules have changed. Employees are no longer enticed by the highest bidder, especially those working in professional services firms. The people-related strategies you deploy make a big difference to your ability to attract and retain the best people.

And that’s what we’re most interested in: developing and implementing sustainable HR strategies to create an equitable work environment for every person working in your business.


About Ali Local

BA (Arts)
Ali Local is an expert at creating a high-performance culture within professional services firms. She’s especially proficient at solving difficult and unwieldy problems, the kind that fall outside of conventional advice but have the ability to disrupt teams.
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Shannon Butcher

Shannon is an experienced Organisational Psychologist specialising in work design, team and individual development, performance improvement, change management and the design and delivery of training.

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"Using Hogan Assessments, Ali helped us select the best person for numerous roles at Palmerston. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend"

Emma Jarvis,
CEO - Palmerston

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